Pet Society 100% Digging Success

100% Digging Success

1. Go into Pet Society and Go to hunt for treasure.
2. Enter any location you want.
3. Open Cheat Engine and select your browser.
If using Firefox 3.6.4 or later, select “plugin-container.exe”
4. Cheat Engine setting(Hex.Array of bytes.Also scan read only memory)
6. Scan 8B512483CA018945FCB8000000008945
7. Right click the result and select “Disassemble this memory region”
8. Go down find “add esp,0c”
9.Right click “add esp,0c” and select Change register at this location.
10. Tick “EAX” and key-in “1” then click OK
11. Now you can start digging with 100% suscess rate.
12. After 4 digs untick “EAX” then return to treasure map. Select any location and repeat step 10.
Don’t using this cheat for more than 15 time straight or you will band for 24 hours.


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