Cafe World – 32,000,000 Coins Cheat

Credit : HanyarL

Coins Cheat is Back ! , Thanks to HanyarL for sharing his hack on this site .

Faster hack it because it might patch anytime soon
Note : If this cheat not work , please clear your cookies/history on your browser
It’s only work for Drinks Gift .  To get the Drinks Get , ask your friend to Gifts to you . Using another account to get Drinks also works too .

Firstly, Go to Cafe World

Requirement  :

  • Charles Web Proxy
  • Browser ( FireFox )
  • Brain !!

Steps :

  1. Open Charles Proxy
  2. Go to Cafe World by clicking above links
  3. Wait it till full load
  4. Expand” (x is random digit )
  5. Expand amfphp , and you will see gateway.php (YoCafeRemote.initialize)
  6. Right click it and , choose “Breakpoint”
  7. Now , Click on your gift box and QUICKLY click “Serve”on your drinks or install serve gift
  8. Your breakpoint tab will appear , expand/click it till you see  “AMF
  9. Expand [4] till you see this code gift id , tracking id and customers
  10. Edit the “Customer” value to 1000000 and then Click “Execute”
  11. The second breakpoint tab will appear
  12. Go back to your “Tab Session” , and Disable/Uncheck the “Breakpoint” by right clicking the gateway that you do on Step 4
  13. Back to Breakpoint Tab , click “Execute”
  14. Wait for a few second
  15. Viola !! You should get 320000000 or more coins on your cafe

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